Choral Arts Society of Frederick

CASF Membership Agreement

Community members and students must sign the agreement below by the second rehearsal each semester.


As a member of the Choral Arts Society of Frederick, I agree to:

1) Pay the membership dues / music fees in full by the second rehearsal. This payment must be made by cash or check. If I am unable to make this payment, I must apply, in writing, to the Treasurer to make alternate arrangements.

2) Attend all rehearsals on Tuesdays at 7:45pm in F-145. If I must miss a rehearsal, I will contact my section leader or choral director by phone or e-mail prior to the rehearsal. FCC students must contact the instructor. If more than two rehearsals are missed, I understand that I must speak to the director regarding the performance, and if more than three are missed, the matter of my participation in the performance will be referred to the board.

3) Attend all dress rehearsals, which are mandatory. Dates can be found on the website. Full concert dress is not required; concert shoes are recommended. If I miss a dress rehearsal, I understand that my participation in future performances is at the sole discretion of the director.

4) Wear proper attire for performances, full descriptions of which can be found on the website. Failure to do so means I am not eligible to participate in performances.

5) Participate in at least one fundraising activity per semester. This helps to fund salaries for Director and Accompanist, fees for performance venues and guest musicians, and general operating expenses.

6) Volunteer for at least one standing committee or ad hoc committee.

7) Abide by any other rules, attend additional rehearsals, etc. as stated during meetings and on the website.


The Choral Arts Society of Frederick is a non-profit organization funded by grants, endowments, membership dues, fundraising drives, ticket sales, and tax-deductible gifts.

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