Choral Arts Society of Frederick

Concert Attire


Black choral folder or binders


Black Long-sleeve Dress Shirt
Black Dress Pants (no denim)
Black Dress Shoes (not sneakers)
Black Socks
Contact Laura Rutledge with attire questions.


Custom dress in navy - Purchase through CASF
Students are not required to buy a dress, but must pay the rental fee of $25 & return the dress at the end of the semester.
Black Dress Shoes
Black Stockings
Single Strand White Pearls, Collar Bone Length
Contact Laura Rutledge with attire questions.

Pay dress fees online with paypal

Size (*size chart)

(All online orders include an up to 6% order fee to cover online ordering costs.)

Optional Jewelry

Earrings: One per ear, Studs only
Rings: One ring
NO Bracelets or Watches


Hair: Off the face, No height, No fancy hair ornaments
NO Perfume, Hair spray, or Cologne
Brush teeth and Apply deodorant
Nails: Clear polish or French manicure (at most)
Eyes: Mascara or other eye-defining cosmetics (at most)
Lipstick: Dark rosy shade (at most)
Blush (at most)
NO Glitter Cosmetics

Note: Concert Attire standards may be changed at the discretion of the director with the consent of the Board in order to more appropriately costume a particular concert.


The Choral Arts Society of Frederick is a non-profit organization funded by grants, endowments, membership dues, fundraising drives, ticket sales, and tax-deductible gifts.

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