Artistic Director’s Letter Spring 2024

This weekend we approach the end of our 80th Anniversary celebrations—and just as one season ends, another is already underway with new concerts, new travels, and new members in the works. This past year we have given thanks for all those things which make us a family and continue to take us into the future. Our theme for the season has been community, and in this last Director’s letter of the season, I would like to focus on one particular element which has been vital to our growth and indeed existence since the start of my tenure in 2004: The Frederick Arts Council.

The following is not a paid advertisement…nor an unpaid advertisement. It is a heartfelt tribute to one of most amazing organizations in our town—so please, read on in that spirit.

Now usually, when we speak about the Arts Council, it is about the daily details of our organization-maintaining our membership dues, updating news events, and generally keeping in touch. In other words, letting them know every year that we are still here, and that the grants we receive from them help us to survive and nurture this historic and invaluable ensemble. Through their commitment and perseverance, they truly live out their mission of creating “a Frederick County where the arts drive the culture, education, economy and everyday life of its citizens.” (FAC website)

Though you may never see their support directly, they are the bloodstream of the arts in our community. They dream bigger dreams than we do ourselves, and they nurture them into reality, and here is the amazing part: They do all these things from behind the scenes. Not once have they questioned our dreams and goals, but have merely asked “how they can help make them a reality.”

We are truly blessed to have the Frederick Arts Council as a partner and mentor. Our deepest gratitude to Louise Kennelly and her dedicated colleagues at the FAC for all their hard work, ceaseless support and continued love of a thriving arts future for all of us.

To our beloved audience, friends, and families—thank you all for your continued love and support of our singing community. Hold onto your hats for next season! Holiday joys, Hawaiian breezes (a little trip to sing for the 83rd commemorations of Pearl Harbor), and as always, a surprise or two!

In Gratitude, Lynn

Photo of Lynn Staininger with her award for excellence

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