CASF Membership


CASF holds rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at Frederick Community College, in the Arts Center (Building F), Room 145. Visit the FCC website for detailed directions and parking information.

Our seasons follow the academic school year. Sessions begin annually in September and January. Choir members are expected to attend rehearsal on a regular basis. Any member missing two or more rehearsals may be required to check your part with the director. You must contact your section leader in the event of an absence.


By joining our organization, you make the commitment to rehearse weekly and perform in all major concerts. You will also be asked to support CASF as a volunteer, which may include serving on committees, participating in fundraising activities, selling tickets, and/or attending additional events.

Volunteering for a committee is not mandatory. We encourage everyone to participate in at least one committee activity with the understanding that there will be support from the CASF Board. Committee details can be found in the Bylaws of the Choral Arts Society of Frederick County, Inc.

Dues / Music Fees

Community member dues are $110 per semester, which includes the music fee. You will also be responsible for purchasing the proper concert attire.

FCC students taking choir for class credit do not have to pay community dues. You are responsible for purchasing the music and concert attire. Music costs approximately $40 each semester.

Resources for Current Members

Welcome to Season 80! This season is all about COMMUNITY.

There is much exciting activity in the works for the upcoming season, we promise to have more for you soon.


As a member, if you have questions about rehearsal, need to miss or plan to be late, or just need to know something about the group, your section leader is the go to person.

Section Leader Emails:

Community Member Dues: $110 per semester (includes $40 music fee)
FCC Student Fee: $40 per semester (music only)

Dues/music fees must be paid by cash, check, or PayPal during the first two rehearsals unless you make other arrangements with the CASF board treasurer.

    • Checks can be made payable to “The Choral Arts Society of Frederick” and either given directly to the board treasurer or mailed to:
      The Choral Arts Society of Frederick
      P.O. Box 1422
      Frederick, MD 21702
    • Cash can be given to the board treasurer.

If you cannot pay the dues/music fees by the second rehearsal, a written statement must be submitted to the treasurer with an explanation and request for payment arrangement.

Please note: all online orders include up to 6% in order fees to cover online ordering costs.

Pay Online with PayPal

Membership Type

Pay for Member Purchases

Info (*required for CDs)

CASF Concert Attire

Choir members are asked to follow the guidelines below for proper concert attire to ensure a unified look of the group in concert. Concert attire standards may be changed at the discretion of the director with the consent of the board in order to more appropriately costume a particular concert. In the event of change the director will notify the choir well in advance of the performance.

Please email Laura Rutledge with concert attire questions.


  • Black Long-sleeve Dress Shirt
  • Black Dress Pants (no denim)
  • Black Dress Shoes (not sneakers)
  • Black Socks
  • Black choral folder or binder with music securely attached
  • Jewlery: optional, but limited to; stud earrings; one ring; no bracelets or watches
  • Hair: Off the face
  • Scents: no hair spray or cologne, but please brush teeth and apply deodorant


  • Hollis Tunic from Southeastern Performance Apparel – Purchase online and use the code to get the CASF group rate #40157
  • Black Dress Pants – slim dress pants, palazzo pants, capris, or slim skirt below the knee in black. (No denim.)
  • Black Dress Shoes (not sneakers)
  • Black Stockings
  • Music: Black choral folder or binder with music securely attached
  • Jewlery: optional, but limited to; stud earrings; single strand white pearls (collar bone length); one ring; no bracelets or watches
  • Hair – Off the face, no height or hair ornaments.
  • Nails – clear polish or French manicure (at most)
  • Make up – eyes: mascara or other eye-defining cosmetics (at most); lipstick: Dark rosy shade (at most); blush (at most); no glitter cosmetics
  • Scents: no perfume, hair spray, or cologne, but please brush teeth and apply deodorant

Pay Dress Fee with PayPal

All online orders include an up to 6% order fee to cover online ordering costs.

Size (*size chart)

Music is distributed at the first rehearsal for each semester and must be paid for upon receipt. The cost of music is included in your dues/fees. When performing, your music must be firmly secured in a black choral folder or binder.

This Season’s Music

Feel free to listen and practice along with these videos as we prepare for our “Cathedral Classics” concert in March.

Practice along for “Over There” in May.

Helpful Links

CASF Weekly Rehearsals

CASF meets Tuesday evenings, at FCC in Building F, Room 145.

Concerts and Events

* NOTICE: This semester there are no mask or vaccination requirements for the regular rehearsals of performances. If infection rates worsen, we plan to follow the CDC Guidelines and we ask that all singers be willing to wear a mask if the need arises. The performances will be unmasked.

  • September 5, 2023 FCC Fall semester CASF rehearsals begin ($110 dues and music fee due)
  • October  21, 2023 @ noon Country Fair performance; St. Joseph-On-Carrolton Manor
  • December 2, 2023 @ 2 p.m. – Holiday concert; Hood College’s Coffman Chapel (Call time 1 p.m.)
  • December 8 @ 7:00 p.m. – Holiday Concert JBK Theatre (Call time 6 p.m.)

Board Meetings

Generally, CASF Virtual Board meetings are held on the first or second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  If you are a member and would like to attend a board meeting you are welcome to do so; please email [email protected] for the upcoming meeting link.

Community members and students are asked to sign the membership agreement below by the second rehearsal each semester to facilitate an active and respectful community.

Membership Agreement

As a member of the Choral Arts Society of Frederick, I agree to:

1) Pay the membership dues/music fees in full by the second rehearsal by cash or check. If I am unable to make this payment I must apply, in writing, to the Treasurer to make alternate arrangements.

2) Be present for all weekly rehearsals. If I must miss a rehearsal, I will contact my section leader or choral director by phone or email prior to the rehearsal. FCC students must contact the instructor. If more than two rehearsals are missed, I understand that I must speak to the director regarding the performance. If more than three rehearsals are missed the matter of my participation in the performance will be referred to the board.

3) Attend all mandatory dress rehearsals. Dates can be found in the “important dates” section of the membership webpage. Full concert dress is not required; concert shoes are recommended for proper stage placement. If I miss a dress rehearsal, I understand that my participation in future performances is at the sole discretion of the director.

4) Wear proper attire for performance. Full descriptions of concert attire can be found in the “get concert attire” section of the membership webpage. Failure to do so means I am not eligible to participate in performances.

5) Participate in at least one fundraising activity per semester. Fundraising helps to pay salaries for the director and accompanist, provides fees for performance venues and guest musicians, and assists in general operating expenses that keep dues/music fees low for all members.

6) Volunteer for at least one standing committee or ad hoc committee.

7) Follow circumstantial rules, such as attending additional/special rehearsals, or preparing to assist in set build/tear down, etc. as stated during regular meetings or on the website.

Bylaws of The Choral Arts Society of Frederick County, Inc.